What We Do

The Jam Company is a media company that offers storytelling through interviews, photography, & articles.

Our Focus

The Jam Company primarily works with new and upcoming artists, musicians, businesses, entrepreneurs, and sports teams.

Our Mission and Values

The mission of The Jam Company is to be a platform for people that want to spread their story and creativity. The values (The 4 P’s) of The Jam Company are:

Positivity | Preparation | Perseverance | Patience

What’s up with the fruit?

There are four different “flavors” that combines to make the entire brand of Jam by displaying an individual’s uniqueness. Throughout the year, the aesthetic of The Jam Company changes to each respective season:

Spring = Blueberry 🔵 | Summer = Peach 🍑

Fall = Strawberry 🍓 | Winter = Grape 🍇

These flavors are the personification of the internal and external changes that The Jam Company goes through; whether it is our interests, professional/personal growth, loss, happiness, and our stories. As The Jam Company will continue to make positive improvements, we hope that you will too through our interconnected journey.

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping others. The best way that we know how to help people is through sharing our experiences, which can be achieved through relating to the same experiences or helping them develop a foundation of values. Therefore, the vision of The Jam Company is to become an outlet for others to express ourselves. Even if you don’t relate to the 4 P’s of the brand, then what are your values and how do you positively influence others or your community? Creating these conversations is something that we strive for and we think more people should engage in as we try to find our way in the world.

The lifestyle that The Jam Company exemplifies hopefully creates an engaging dialogue. If you find yourself resonating with our mission and are looking to capture a photo, build a highlight reel, interview, design, article for your next project, or if you would like to sponsor an interview, then email us at info@thejam.company