Greet Death, Method, & Pearly | It’s A Kling Thing! (Akron, OH)

Greet Death, Method, & Pearly | It’s A Kling Thing! (Akron, OH)

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“The Flint, Mich. trio exist(s) in a bloodline that runs from Failure to Hum to Deftones—bands that once tried to smuggle in sludgier, slower, and stonier forms of rock into alternative radio like joints at Coachella. But innovation, particularly in rock music, isn’t often the invention of something entirely new; it’s more likely a small and extremely significant tweak of an existing product. Most vocalists either mutter or mumble through this kind of music, buried in the mix and rendering any sense of “pop” theoretical or relative. Greet Death are pretty much the exact opposite of that. This is a remarkably tuneful, forthright pop-rock band that just so happens to play six-minute songs at bradycardic tempos.” (Ian Cohen, Pitchfork, 2017)

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“Debut EP “All My Time” out now! An emo/alternative/shoegaze band from Cleveland, Ohio” (Method, 2019)

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“PEARLY [Austyn Benyak and Josie Yeager] is a force to be reckoned with. With their stark take on dream pop music, the duo births haunting swells of synth-driven heartache and a deep, resonate dread that swallows you whole and keeps you in the darkness. Embodying a sort of Lynchian doom in their work, this project has been on the grind bringing their art to music listeners everywhere and captivates all who come to see. You too can witness the beauty of these two soon-to-be icons“ (Emerald City, 2019)

Photography by Jamal Lawson

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