Monday Night at the Hive Mind


Natasha Morrow is a beautiful pairing of soaring vocals and moody loopy guitar riffs. Be sure to put Morrow’s music in your “Rainy Day Playlist” rotation and where one of those gravity blankets to feel more at ease.


Ambersmoke is another two piece band with a heavy ambient, shoegaze feel to them. The next time you are being productive, I suggest listening to their music to feel a surge of energy.


Swell Tides makes tunes that is groovy, spazz, pop-rock. Each tune is a banger, so be mindful of where you are listening to this band’s music because you might accidentally start a dance party.


The Wakemen is a collective that makes soothing, lo-fi pop with a waltz tempo. So grab your favorite bottle of wine and have a slow dance party in your kitchen.

Check out the next event at the Hive Mind in Akron, OH.

Article and Photos by Jamal Lawson
Do not use any of the images without prior permission. ContactΒ info@thejam.companyΒ for license usage.

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