A Bill of Veteran, Hardcore Bands at Musica

I got the chance to see the bands Actual Form, Mortimur, Persistent Aggressor, & Goosed at Musica, which I found out through some conversations that the musicians are veterans of the hardcore/punk rock scene.


Goosed is something that is reminiscent of a train traveling through hell, chugging along in the depths of fire. They have infectious riffs and solid tempo changes to keep you interested. One of the highlights of their set was a song when they beautifully transitioned into a slow and somber tempo, then were able to creep into a heavy crushing riff.


Persistent Aggressor really lives up to their name with crushing riffs, but also come along with some groovy ones to dance to (for also those mosh dancers out there). I found myself bobbing my head every time during a groovy breakdown riff they threw at me.


Mortimur is a super experimental band that doesn’t dwell on a riff and gets straight to the point. They range from spacey passages to crushing riffs.


Actual Form is an abstract rock group with eclectic riffs. Almost edging in the math-rock realm, they pull out interesting passages that are rhythmic while utilizing their guitar feedback to create a cosmic sound. With their odd time signatures, they manage to keep a syncopated sound.

Article and Photos by Jamal Lawson
Do not use any of the images without prior permission. ContactΒ info@thejam.companyΒ for license usage.

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