Turkuaz & Too Many Zoos Funk Up the House of Blues


Too Many Zoos opened up for Turkuaz at the House of Blues – Cleveland with a driving bass kick throughout their set, with their drummer actually hitting the kick drum by hand that was around his neck. The soulful saxophone and trumpet players did a cover of AC/DC’s TNT that got the crowd energized. The saxophonist also brought out some great dance moves, like the Moonwalk, and was in a frenzy on the entire stage, all while pelvic-thrusting through complex sections.


Turkuaz is an eclectic and united group built to produce big-time funk, even though the group takes up most of the stage, they manage to pull off a bit of choreographed dance moves and harmonious music. Each musician beautifully held down their section and solo to make for a groovy night.

Article and Photos by Jamal Lawson
Do not use any of the images without prior permission. Contact info@thejam.company for license usage.

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