Kofi Boakye Going Global Musically, Berklee College of Music, and NAACP Award



“Kofi R. Boakye is an 18-year-old Award-winning keyboardist, songwriter, and producer born in Akron, Ohio. Kofi has gathered musical experience from myriad venues across the United States. Kofi has been interviewed by 8x Emmy Award Winner Romona Robinson of Channel 19 Action News as well as appeared in multiple magazines, newspapers and local broadcasts across Ohio. At the age of 15, Kofi was accepted into the University of Akron School of Music’s Jazz Program, making him the youngest African-American pianist to ever be accepted into a collegiate-level jazz program at the UA. In September 2016, Kofi performed at the Akron Civic Theatre, making him the first teen pianist to ever headline a show there. Though many of his experiences stem from within the U.S., Kofi has had the opportunity to refine his talents on the world stage, touring Germany and Prague with the Miller South Show Choir. While music remains at the core, Kofi’s accolade extends beyond the big stage. In 2014, President Barack Obama and the White House awarded Kofi with the “President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence”. Currently, Kofi is a senior at Akron Early College who holds the position of Senior Class President, ranks #1 in his class, and is valedictorian.” – http://www.kofibmusic.com

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Listen to Kofi’s music, click here

Click here for Kofi: Made In Akron Film Premiere Fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/events/329326351149605/


Music by Josiah Douglas (Yo$hi) and Allante Akins (TayDay)
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Listen to the Audio Version Here


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